The Importance of Global Education

The Importance of Global Education

With a world filled with many options on technology it is no wonder that schools are providing educational resources through technology as early as preschool. What does this mean for our students moving up through the ranks and onto college? What opportunities have emerged for adult learners that are looking to advance in their current jobs or looking for better employment opportunities?
There is a high demand for qualified, skilled professionals. Those individuals who have obtained the knowledge and proficiency of their field of choice will be able to survive in an extremely competitive world. Because of this high demand on working professionals, a quality education is needed for our youth and future leaders in all industries. Students need to have incredible insight into their profession of choice in this today’s global world. With globalization making a grand entrance in to the world of education, inquisitive learners have gained a sense of positive reinforcement to help them achieve their highest educational goals.

Studying abroad has become a very popular choice with students. With the standards of learning becoming higher for students of all ages, going abroad to study has become a “must” for students who wish to get ahead in their educational career. Students are able to study abroad while pursuing degrees such as international business, medicine, engineering, languages, and mass communication. Business, engineering, and medicine are some of the traditional career choices while languages and mass communication are considered emergent professions for abroad programs. Students are drawn to the appeal of learning in a multi-cultural environment in international universities.

Global education is extremely important for students as it instills many positive aspects of the educational realm. It gives the student a sense of independence and excitement that naturally comes with studying and living along in a foreign country. This confidence is constantly being built up throughout the duration of their abroad education and will carry over into both their professional career and personal life. Values and beliefs taken from other cultures not only create a memorable learning experience, but can enhance the student’s own beliefs and work ethic. Not only with the student learn the specifics of their chosen field of study, but they will also learn about many different topics that have been deemed a high level of national importance. Such topics include economics, democracy, social studies, and environmental studies. By actively participating in interactive discussions on politics a student can learn in a nurturing, socially responsible environment.

One of the most important areas of choosing to study abroad is natural encouragement of critical thinking skills. Educators overseas teach in a very different manner than those in the US. Education abroad presents a more practical learning style by using presentations, classroom discussions, projects, and workshops on various subjects that foster the development of critical thinking skills. The research alone for projects gives the student a sense of positivity towards the transformation from a young, learning-hungry learner to a corporate professional. Because of this, students who choose to become an abroad student enjoy different styles of learning that will overall contribute to their confidence and success as a leading professional in their chosen field.

Careers in International Business

Careers in International Business

Careers in international business can be extremely rewarding both personally and financially. This field involves combining marketing and sales on a global level rather than the local level. Students who choose to pursue a career in this field are fully prepared to get “sucked in” to the position and take on all challenges they may face. These challenges may include extensive travel and working long hours. There are, however, many opportunities and branches of international business available to individuals holding this degree that require much less travel time. It is important to explore all available options and commitments when considering a career in this field.

When considering a degree in this field, it is important to research the requirements held by companies who employ individuals with this degree. A person can earn an associate’s degree although most employers are looking for candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree in international business or a related field. If you want to obtain a higher level position, look into earning your master’s degree and/or doctorate degree to help further your career. With this in mind, there are many colleges, universities, and business schools that offer degrees in international business. Make sure you do your research on each of these schools as well as program requirements, curriculum, tuition, and living expenses before applying to the program.

One of the most popular careers in international business is becoming an interpreter. Interpreters are used in many realms of business including the military and other government entities. An interpreter’s role is to bridge the communication gap so both parties can successfully do business. They must be extremely knowledgeable in their area of specialty. For example, medical interpreters may not be able to understand vocabulary related to the economy or the market and vice versa. They must be able to understand tone and style as inflection plays a significant role in communication and language. The average salary in the United States is $65,000 per year.

Another area of international business that has been becoming more popular is management analysis. Management experts typically work on a contractual basis with several different companies. They are deemed experts on how to improve overall efficiency of a company. They are usually hired for specific projects or issues and may work on projects related to current procedures, financial records, employee relations, and other relevant roles. The average salary for this position is $78,000 per year.

Another area of international business that has been rising in popularity is an international sales representative, such as those found on the McDonalds application. This position not only requires educational experience, but it requires excellent social skills and an ability to communicate effectively with people. The role of an international sales representative is similar regardless of the type of company you work for. This professional may work through an independent agency or a manufacturing agency. They must demonstrate and sell products to a specific territory or geographical area. By making sales the professional with earn a commission depending on how well he or she does in sales. Some of the most important qualities these professionals possess include being persuasive, goal-oriented, excellent communication and people skills, and outgoing. Salary ranges depending on the type of company you wish to work for.

While these are just a handful of the most popular careers in international business, other areas of specialty may include international finance analyst or an entrepreneur. You need a degree for any position related to international business. You can choose to return to the classroom setting or you can utilize online degree programs that work around your schedule and availability.

The Importance of Global Employee Outsourcing

The Importance of Global Employee Outsourcing

Before a company attempts to understand the importance of global outsourcing, it must look at and understand global business trends. Everywhere you turn there are new business developments and tools that are made to help businesses respond appropriately and ethically to the increase of global consumer demands. Outsourcing just may be that tool that will put your company ahead of the pack, especially if you are running an Internet based business or a global company. Outsourcing has become the biggest and most popular trend in human resource management for businesses. It allows companies access to some of the best contractors all over the world at a very minimal cost.

Another excellent benefit a company will be able to enjoy with outsourcing is you will not need to invest money on any extra equipment and space if your team is made up of outsourced employees. Once you learn to effectively utilize outsourcing techniques, you will be to add new professionals to your team without investing in building another office or searching for a larger office, building new office space, or purchasing additional office equipment. The Internet will be your new office for you and your team of outsourced professionals. Your outsourced team will provide their own tools and computers to do any and all projects that are assigned to them.

A second extraordinary benefit a company will endure from outsourcing is being able to have complete control of your overhead expenses. Outsourced employees will not come to you to ask for assistance with paying his or her utility bills or any other bills incurred while working for the company. Outsourced employees are responsible for paying all bills and services needed in order to do their job and complete their assignments. Hiring regular employees may result in higher overhead expenses as you will be responsible for paying for any and all expenses incurred while they are working for your company. Outsourcing in this situation is extremely ideal because you can create a steady workflow, you can improve the quality of your human resources department, and you can even enhance the quality of your services, all without incurring an enormous overhead expense.

Another benefit a company will enjoy from global outsourcing is reducing the time and energy of receiving an overload of potential employee applications, going through those applications, setting aside time in your schedule to interview potential employees face-to-face, and processing human resources paperwork.

All of this is time consuming and can cost you too much time and money in securing the perfect candidates for employment. Human resources will be overloaded with work that does not pertain to current employees when that time could be spent on quality control and handling employee complaints and issues.
Overall, global employee outsourcing can provide your company with many benefits. You will be saving money in the long-run that could be used in other areas of the business. The company’s expenses will be much lower and it has now created a situation where income generation will be on the rise.